Monday, February 25, 2019

questions from/for social studies

Q.what i already knew about culture?
Q.what i found interesting? 
Q.what else would i like to know? 
Q.what does culture mean to me?

1.what i know about my culture is about the traditions we people like to do each year and the mari's we have.

2.the thing that was interesting for me was the halloween tradition, there was a lot of things i didn't know about it.

3.i would to know if the government is watching me when i sleep through things that has cameras and when/how adolf hitler died.

4.culture to me means somewhere you've been brought up from and which country you represent from.  
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Thursday, February 21, 2019

For social studies

pictures for halloween tradition
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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

character for drama



name: Anata but changed it to ace

gender: In a girls body but has a boys mind


thoughts:what the hell are you looking at. I want chocolate. i'm not a girl or boy. i am so lonely and tragic.

feelings: lonely, angry, depressed, strong and serious.

personality: Doesn't play around, tells people "whats up", Isn't afraid of anything except for girly things and happy stuff and doesn't care what anyone thinks about them.

what people think about them: They try to make ace laugh, sometimes ace gets angry and frustrated and we get scared of em, some people actually tries to challenge ace but they regret doing so, people are scared of ace so they take caution around them and we dont really see ace with any friends, must be a lone wolf.

 how the character acts: Doesn't like to interact with others so keeps it to themself, gets work finished, can tell you to "shut up " if you annoy em and other things like fighting and ace will probably win and just is very quiet person ......most of times.

                                                                                                                                                                        ace wears these after school and in the weekend                                    ace wears this to school                                                                                                                       
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sundial making from maths

sundial facts 

1. A sundial is a device to tell time and measure how much the sun is moving across the galaxy.

2.The sundial was the first time clock to tell time and all they needed was something flat, a some sort of writing pencil and a stick.

3. In the Egyptian century's, Egyptians made the first ever sundials by casting a shadow with a stick and watched the shadow move around by the sun

sundial questions

I did not know~ The thing I didn't know about sundials were that they were created and discovered by Egyptians. very interesting

did you know~ The Egyptians were the first and ever ones to discover sundials, and to be honest i thought scottish were made by them, but i guess they are way more capable than you think.

i have learn't~ The time I've done with the sundial making was very educational like where the shadow of the stick is gonna end up on which line to tell time or how to know where to put the stick in cardboard at but anyway, doing this with my friends made it fun enough for me.

and this is what my team and me made. (you might want to turn down the volume)

Friday, December 14, 2018

my term at hornby high

my time here will always be precious to me including my drama class, the girls, teachers, and mates.

the people were so good, the best of the best never saw acting like that before, but the cool for me was that I was more than one character and could do both dance and sing.(everyone was probably doing both actually)

miss birch is an awesome teacher, and you know what I'm lucky to have a teacher like her, not all my other teachers knew the understanding of being a teen or how life is sometimes but still I might have not been a good impression towards my class mates back then but ill do better next year, like other people say "yesterday was the past its time to move on to the future".

as for my sensei " 無料の食べ物とゲームでレッスンをありがとうございました" and I will see you next year.

my time at p.e in and outdoors were the most energetic and fun moments of the time there but my favourite moment will always be dodgeball and be the favourite sport for me.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

the questions from musical theater

-what were buildings like in 1920??
-what was fashion like?
-what was jobs like?
-what was entertainment?

*the buildings in 1920 were not that big but bricky, like they were old fasioned with the pilers on the porch for a house.
*1920 fashin were low waisted dresses, scarfs, clouth hats and everything that looked old fashion like bobbed haircuts for women.
*the jobs in 1920 were jobs like being a cook, a maid at any house, a tailsmen photographer/saler, engineir like a repair shop, a banker, a fancy clouths dress, a actor for silent movies and a telephone operater.
*the entertainmenti 1920 were just radios, movies ans sports.

my character for musical theater

name: shanan but nobody knows their real name so they changed it to silas.
age: 15.
gender: girl tomboy.
country: american.
born at: l.a [beverly hills].
childhood: they were brought up by their father, they were brought up like a boy, they would get introuble. 
birth: west 3rd street hospital [l.a].
emotion they feel all the time: doesnt care anymre has no emotions whatsoever.

more information: their mother died at birth and father murdered when 13, they found the murderer and they killed them. hasnt cried or shown emotion since.